julietagil gush from julieta gil on Vimeo. Gush 2014 acrylic on milled composite, pigment, solenoid valves 48 x 96 in
Pleasure Seeking Prototype 
A dining event where visitors eat out of teeny-tiny dinnerware.
WHAT'S _OUR PROBLEM? (2014) Print. 7x7 in, Coptic stitch binding. All images were created in Adobe Illustrator, and are inspired by Italo Calvino's...
A Mech 
Title: A Mech Artist: Zeyu Ren For DESMA 22 Form with Gareth Walsh, Year: Summer 2014 Size: 0.5 x 0.5x 0.5 foot approx Medium: Paper Software: Cinema 4D,...
DESMA 153 Final 
Final assignment for DESMA 153: Video. ugdma2015
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WORD + IMAGE Started from the word STAMP, I made a map of the Zhongshan Road of my hometown Guangzhou, a classical city environment in China that...
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This book expands upon the enchanting series of stories in Italo Calvino's Cosmicomics, exploring the visual and spatial relationships between structures,...
Video Projects 
Click the links listed above titled Music Video Project Color Project Bath Loop I wish to enter all into the UG Show
dining out 
DINING OUT is a poster meant to encourage college aged students to cook their own meals rather than eat at restaurants. The poster shows unhealthy foods commonly...
missed connections 
MISSED CONNECTIONS is an installation about the places we could have gone, the sights we could have seen, and most importantly, the people we could have...
_GLITCH is a two-part series conveying the struggle for high school youths in the Silicon Valley to discover themselves amidst the pressures of academia, parental...
COSMICOMICS is a series of compositions based on Italo Calvino's book of science fiction short stories by the same name. All images were compiled into a 6" x 8"...
BOX: A Puzzle Game 
Title: Box: A Puzzle Game Artist: Zeyu Ren For DESMA 28 Interactivity with Casey Reas Year: Fall 2014 Size: 200MB Medium: Game Software: Processing A...
The Helmet 
Title: The Helmet Artist: Zeyu Ren For DESMA 22 Form with Gareth Walsh, Year: Summer 2014 Size:1 x 1 x 1 foot approx Medium: Paper, magnet Software: Cinema...
Color Book 
Title: Color Book Artist: Zeyu Ren For DESMA 21 Color with Noa Kaplan Year: Summer 2014 Size: 3 inch x 3 inch approx Medium: Booklet Software: Adobe CS6...
Flower Game 
I used Unity to program a game to turn on/off a fan which is connected to an Arduino. Similarly to the helicopter/flappy bird game, the player clicks on the...
Pulmonary Edema 
Pulmonary edema This sculpture explores the relationship between art and medicine. Since the project was to create a vessel, I decided to create an ill lung in...
No Eyes 
A short narrative and collection of accompanying illustrations based on the stories told throughout Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino.
No Eyes 
A short narrative and collection of accompanying illustrations based on the stories told throughout Cosmicomics by Italo Calvino.
Sketches - Grid Systems 
Interactive - Processing Processing sketches experimenting with grids and self-structuring particle networks. Particles are spawned with reference to a grid,...
Sketches - Particle Traces 
Rendered images - suitable for print or digital display Each of these images was created using turbulence and particle simulations with 3D software. In these...
Trapcode Experiments 
Video - nine short works Duration between one and six minutes per piece The Trapcode Experiments series is a personal research project, designed to improve...
low-res iphone photos, photoshop CS5. print available. 25x34
low-res iphone photos, photoshop CS5. print available. 24x34.
low-res iphone photos of hellenistic statues, photoshop CS5. print available. 23x34
Rock Music Box 
A "music box" plays the song 'Let It Go' when it connects to an Arduino that both provides power to its motor and controls the sound detecting program on the...
Design Media Arts 23: Drawing Taught by Noa Kaplan, the class explores the association between concept and image creation. The posters were based on short...
Color Explosion 
Color Explosion Graphic Illustration
Centrifuge 3D Animation project
Lab Bench 
Lab Bench 3D animation create on Maya 2014 Lab Bench from Louis Pham on Vimeo.
Book Design Binding Process 18 Signatures for 18 works Binding method inspired by Vespertines Chen Copyright belongs to the...
This drawing documents my first experience using Adobe Illustrator. First, I drew graphite sketches of plants, then converted them into Illustrator. Then I modified...
Wire Forms 
Crumpled pieces of paper reimagined as wire forms, created with Adobe Illustrator. Medium: print
The Reveal series exposes "drips" of color from a hidden photo wherever you drag your cursor. The drips reveal and distort the image simultaneously. Originally,...
Beans from Haysol Chung on Vimeo. Media: Video Audio: own recording, drone sound effects from Model: Caroline Kim
Board Game This is a 2-to-4-player tabletop game based on the rules of checkers. I created a new narrative context and visual reimagination of the game, and...
Mystery Circus 
Board Game 1v1v1v1 Asymmetrical Free-For-All game. There are four kinds of characters in the game: magician, clown, animal and acrobat. Each player controls...
Button Burgers 
Button Burgers is my first project for Game Design class, based on checkers. Medium: cork board, paint, buttons, yarn, dowels, print Featured on UCLA Game...
A video project for color YELLOW Yellow from Queena on Vimeo.
Founding Father 
Founding Father lets you declare your very own independence. When you're done creating your flag, this nation-maker will not only name your country, but also...
eighteen words 
LOGIC “Pure mathematics consists entirely of assertions to the effect that, if such and such a proposition is true of anything, then such and such another...
A 3D animation focusing on a chain reaction happening in/between three boxes. All models and animation were created in MAYA. Box-Chain-Animation from...
Cage Birds 
Short Film A video project inspired by 2009 Greek film Dogtooth, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. The short film Cage Birds is about two sisters being kept...
Photography - Vietnam Buddhism 
Buddhism is not new to the US. Since 1965, the Buddhists population has grown considerably as a result of increased immigration from Asian. Immigrant Buddhist...
Color Book 
Book Design A book collects all the pictures of my color study
Medium: fuzzy yarn, glass, paint, acrylic, paper
in search_ 
IN SEARCH OF A CREATOR (2014) Print. Images drawn using charcoal, then photographed and assembled onto a möbius strip. Here lies the pre-paradigmatic...
Getting By 
Getting By from Haysol Chung on Vimeo. Medium: Video Music: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 42: Molto Allegro by Mitsuko Uchida, Pierre Boulez &...
BUG (2014) Bug is a simple program run on Processing that generates circles that vibrate and leave behind trails. Bug from David Gao on Vimeo.
Plant Memory 
Influenced by the concept of 'storytelling' from Michael Rock's "Fuck Content," Plant Memory tells the story of three plants I own. It is about my relationship...
SCHEWATER (audio) 
SCHWECHATER 1958 SOUND REMAKE (2014) A commercial for Schwechater beer by Peter Kubelka was used as visual inspiration for a sound composition using both...
The Snoop Doggy Dogg Life 
The Snoop Doggy Dogg is a Processing game created in DMA:28 Interactivity the game is a combination of a choose your own adventure and shoot'em up style of video...
Yes Boss 
Yes Boss is a video project done for DMA:153 . It is a video study of human sexuality and the complexities that lie therein. Yes Boss from alb12 on Vimeo.
Retweet if you've ever smiled / know what teeth are 
Sculpture. Ordered 50 custom iphone cases might order more. Planing on laying them out in a corner, piling on top of each other.
STRUCTURE AND SPEED (2014) Book made by code through Processing. Print, 5.5' x 8.5'
Unity, photoshop. will print. 36 x 12
Notes from "In the Mood for Love" 
Notes from "In the Mood for Love" from Kelly Chu on Vimeo. A remake of Wong Kar Wai's "In the Mood for Love" Starring Mina Yang and Jordan Wong
Keep Moving 
Keep Moving from Kelly Chu on Vimeo. A remake of The Boxer Rebellion's Keep Moving music video directed by Rob+Rob / Shot in Downtown LA's Art District /...
M is for Miranda 
digital photography. print 12 x 22
SURVEY BOX (2014) Physical geography has many ways of influencing what and where we build. This project analyzes the pattern that emerges between the environment...
MAP STUTTER (2014) A motion graphic and sound composition. Retrograde from David Gao on Vimeo.
Yellow from Kelly Chu on Vimeo. 10 seconds of yellow
Bungee game made for Interactivity class fall 2014.
Final assignment for color spring 2014
Monologue - Red from Shawshank Redemption 
Low-res version of a Monologue video made for Motion Fall 2014.
Big Sean 
ugdma2015 Here are a series of stills from my video "Big Sean". The audio is finished, but the footage hasn't been cut yet. I wanted to show some visuals of...